IAM–Infinity Art Museum is the first ever-evolving art museum in the Metaverse. It nurtures and promotes contemporary art by commissioning artists, connecting and hosting curators and producers, and featuring collectors in an inclusive and high-quality, physical, creative and immersive environment. IAM makes sure the artist, their art and their message enter the digital and physical world and become available for the future generations to come.

NFT Launchpad

As part of our mission, we collaborate with artists and producers to develop projects that will be translated in art, living in the Infinity Museum and in exclusive NFT collections.

NFT Marketplace

A web3 and Metaverse exclusive marketplace for high-end NFTs created in collaboration with the best artists around the world.

The Artverse

Our Artverse is not like a single online world but rather an infinite number of creative worlds that all interact with each other i.e. the first art district of the virtual world. We are creating an integration that until today was unimaginable, financed by the same community that loves and uses it. The IAM Community is the future Infinity Patrons of the Arts reality.


The IAM project will eventually be managed by a fully functionally DAO that will coordinate the work of many Sub-DAOs, each of these representing specific communities within the ecosystem of the museum. The goal is to create a community that manages itself and has direct monetary return for all the involved members – artists, producers, curators and collectors.

The DeFi Protocol

A decentralised Portfolio Management Protocol designed to enable the users to safely and easily manage Digital Collectibles, supported by analytics tools and a risk management layer.


AI technology is behind all aspects of the project from the collectibles generated to the assets created and managed within the application.

Artists’ Commissions

We are with the artists every step of the way, encouraging and supporting them in their artistic endeavours. We make ideas come to life. For us, a goal is a dream with a deadline: we tell meaningful stories, we build communities.

Each artist creates a unique NFT artwork as a base work for a collection, which is placed in IAM. From this, several elements of the work will be chosen and combined to generate a Collection with a certain number of NFTs, all in editions of 1/1. The original artwork is the message the artist wants to share with the world, and the Collection is the story that the artist wants to tell. Each Collection will then be put up for sale to the general public. IAM promotes communities that will engage with each other and support the artist’s work in the long term.

IAM Utility NFT Collection

The IAM NFT collection is the perfect starting point for the project and a huge help to the upcoming NFT Artists and their Collections.

IAM NFTs are the gateway to the various services and benefits made available by the project, but they are also the doorway to a game that is a project within a project.

All facets of IAM will be affected by the game, which will act as the connecting element between users, artists, their NFTs and the 3D Museum.

The Game will allow IAM to provide its NFT collection with groundbreaking Utilities.

A virtual world that mixes with the physical one, where users can learn, play, engage with one another, trade NFTs, and immerse themselves in a wonderful place that connects the past, present and future.

We make full use of AI in the creation or our NFTs from the backgrounds to characters and art. AI will also be part of the game mechanics.

A card game with real action elements that are engaging for  the user.

IAM integrates classical aspect of Art together with a new fun and immersive way to collect it.

All artists and NFTs minted by the project will be integrated in the game mechanics creating a full integration between game, art, digital and physical world. The integration will also expands into real life events and activities.

Infinity Art Museum

IAM hosts digital art collections which are designed by artists. Each artist’s collection includes a number of NFTs in an edition of 1/1, as well as the spatial arrangements in which they are featured. In an artist’s vision, a room itself can become an NFT when commissioned by a collector – the equivalent of museums IRL where different spaces can be named after Patrons.

Each collection features challenges that unlock advantages and rewards ranging from exclusive events, IRL creative and social experiences, NFT drops, charitable initiatives and activations of new content that bring collectors closer to the artist’s core values and practice.

IAM overall digital architecture, which includes all collections and spatial arrangements of the works, is envisioned as an ‘impossible architecture’ along the line of MC Escher’s structures of infinite dimensions. This is commissioned and designed by a prominent artistic & architectural studio.

IAM is the first blockchain-based art museum, where every form of art is included and collaborations between different disciplines is nurtured, curated and promoted, generating exclusive digital objects and physical experiences.

IAM Infrastructure on Caduceus

The Infinity Art Museum and the Artverse where the Museum lives and operates are built on the Caduceus Blockchain, the first world blockchain dedicated to the Metaverse development. IAM is built right from the foundations and embodies a truly decentralised application that takes full advantages of the features that web3 has to offer.


The IAM Metaverse is powered using ultra realistic NeRF (Neural Radiance Field), using ultra-realistic rendering creating a life like experience. Quality over Quantity is the driving force of the project.


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Giandomenico Palermiti
Auronda Scalera
Giandomenico Palermiti
(CEO & Founder)
Auronda Scalera
Alfredo Cramerotti
Riccardo Cangini
Roberto Marchetti
Simona Visan
(Customers Relation)
Angelo Poggi
(3D Content)
Francesco Fugazzi
(NeRF & AI Expert)
Pierluigi Maori
(Blockchain & NFT Leader)
Alex Cangini
(Discord specialist )

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